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Emily C Gillies

Winter Fibre Box - Countdown to 2023

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This year, I've commissioned Toronto artist Bri Vermeer to create a painting that will inspire this year's yarn calendars & winter fibre box.

Each Winter Fibre Box will have three hand dyed gradients in a custom luxury fibre blend, a postcard of the artwork, some fun small extras*, a zine, and a calendar for an informal spin along between December 17th-31st.

Pre-orders open July 15th, and will close September 15th 2022 or until all available spots are filled.

Custom Blended Fibre Details:

38% Rambouillet

25% Polwarth

25% Tencel

12% Firestar (Sparkle Nylon)

Triple processed for ideal spinning, with enough variation to see the striations between the fibres. Tencel is a cellulose fibre, and will add a beautiful silky white sheen to the overall colours! The nylon in this mix will provide sparkle and strength, it will take the dye, but likely in a more pastel tone than the untreated Polwarth and Rambouillet will. It's sure to be a fun and engaging spin!


Looking for a yarn option? Pre-order a Winter Yarn Box here. 

For more about Bri Vermeer and their work, head over to:

*Think tea, stickers, stitch markers, hard candy, that sort of thing. Limited allergens, and functional tools!