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Emily C Gillies

Wildflowers - 21 Micron NSW Merino - 100g

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Wildflowers is hand painted in repeating sections of lush green, pale blue, white and pink, with sporadic pops of purple.

The natural colour of the fibre is preserved, and will help create a beautiful blended pastel effect in the final yarn.

Merino is a fibre well known for it's softness, this high micron non-superwash merino is no exception! It is next to skin soft, with a short staple length and a matte finish.

100% NSW 21 micron Merino
Commercially Combed Top

This is a semi-repeatable colourway. Variation between each braid, even within dye lots, is expected and normal for this colourway. Some braids in this colourway have varying amounts of purple.

Although we strive to take as colour accurate photos as possible, the actual product may look slightly different in person than it does on a screen.