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Emily C Gillies

Retro - VSB - 100g

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Meet a new custom blend: VSB

Versatile Strong Blend (or VSB,) is a mix of Romney, BFL, Tussah Silk, and Mohair. It’s got durability, drape, lustre for days, and would work well in a variety of projects.

Strong enough to be spun into durable yarns, yet soft enough with ample drape for gorgeous shawls and sweaters. Blended five times for an even spinning experience, this well blended top should work up like a dream. 


VSB - Versatile Strong Blend:

50% Kent Romney

25% Blue Faced Leicester

12.5% Mohair

12.5% Tussah Silk

Commercially Combed Top


Designed and processed for Emily C Gillies


This is a semi-repeatable colourway. Some variation between each braid, even within dye lots, is expected and normal.