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Emily C Gillies

Retro Rainbow - Corriedale - 100g

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Retro Rainbow is a hand painted rainbow gradient with a 70's flair! It shifts from rust to warm yellows, to muted green and blue.

Corriedale is a medium wool, with a defined bouncy crimp. It's a joy to spin and works well for a wide variety of yarns!

The Corriedale breed was developed in New Zealand by crossing fine-wool Merino with longwool Lincoln sheep, creating a soft fibre with a longer staple length than Merino.


100% NSW Corriedale

Commercially Combed Top



25-30 microns

~80-120mm staple length

This is a semi-repeatable colourway. Variation between each braid, even within dye lots, is expected and normal for this colourway.

Although we strive to take as colour accurate photos as possible, the actual product may look slightly different in person than it does on a screen.