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Emily C Gillies

Nimbus - Corriedale Sock

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Nimbus is a pale cool tonal grey reminiscent of gentle clouds on an overcast day.

Corriedale Sock is a 2ply high twist yarn spun from 100% non-superwash corriedale wool. It is milled with care in the UK.

Corriedale is a cross between Merino and Lincoln sheep, creating a more durable wool while preserving next to skin softness. The high-twist of this yarn makes it work especially well for both colourwork and more textured stitch patterns! 

Yarn Details:

Corriedale Sock

100% non-superwash Corriedale wool


100g per skein

This listing is for one skein.


For best results, make sure to alternate skeins. For finished items, make sure to. hand wash only and lay flat to dry.