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Moosehill Woodworks

Midi Turkish Drop Spindle - Cherry & Hickory - 25g

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Handcrafted in Canada by Moosehill Woodworks. John takes exceptional care when choosing the hardwoods to craft his spindles from, creating beautiful tools that are a joy to spin with. 

If you haven't tried a Turkish Drop Spindle yet, give it a spin! They're portable, collapsible, and create a unique cop (called a turtle on this type of spindle) that can be removed by sliding out the shaft and arms to reveal a centre-pull ball. 

For an overview on how to start spinning with a Turkish drop spindle, check out this video here

As each spindle is unique, they are listed individually. The spindle pictured is the one you will receive. All Turkish spindles will be shipped in their dismantled form.

This spindle is the midi size, it's crafted from cherry with a hickory shaft, and weighs 25g.


Turkish Spindle Size Guide*: 


Approximate Shaft Length Weight Range


~4.5-5.5 inches, ~11-14cm



~6.5-7.5 inches, ~16-19cm



~9-12", ~22-30cm


* each spindle is handcrafted and exact dimensions and weights vary. If you have any questions about a particular in-stock spindle, please email