Good Things Come in Threes - Fibre Club
Good Things Come in Threes - Fibre Club
Good Things Come in Threes - Fibre Club

Good Things Come in Threes - Fibre Club

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Released every quarter on the first of the month, Good Things Come in Threes is a fibre club ideal for combo spinning or for building your fibre stash. 

Each package will include three carefully wrapped 100g braids (300g total) of non-superwash fibre or fibre blends, dyed in related-but-different colourways. Choose to open one braid each month, or open them all at once!

Every box will include the same fibre or fibre blend, with new blends and breeds every three months, and an explosion of complex curated colour in every braid.

This quarter's box features a limited edition Stricken Andean Mountain wool top, it's a rich cream fibre from sheep in the Andes with black and brown fibres running throughout - giving it a unique texture. It's 26 microns with a 65mm staple length. If you like knitting with Peruvian highland wool, this top should be similar!

This quarter's box will feature inspiration from a variety of sources expect: seafoams, brilliant ultramarines, icy teals, a touch of pink, and sandy tones. 

Photos by Rebecca Georgia and JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash. Lost Time Tacocat album artwork by Erik Blood.

This is a PRE-ORDER item. It will ship by July 20th, 2021. 


Base Info:

Stricken Andean Mountain Wool

Commercially Combed Top

26 microns/6.5 cm staple 

100g per braid, 300g total