Tour de Fleece 2021 - Ready, Set, Spin

Tour de Fleece 2021 - Ready, Set, Spin


Tour de Fleece is a spinning challenge that has been running in the blogosphere since 2006. It has grown over the years into a massive spinning event corresponding with Tour de France - when they spin, we spin! 

From June 26th-July 18th 2021 I'll be cramming in as much spinning time as I can alongside Stash Lounge's team hosted by Jocy (@ojoshi) on Instagram. If you want to join in, sign-up on their website here, and use hashtag #spinwithstash to share your spinning adventures.


My Schacht Sidekick arrived just in time for Tour de Fleece. Although I plan to spin on my turkish drop spindles too, one of my goals is to get more familiar with this new tool.⁠ 


I've set aside a braid that I dyed of Enchanted Forest in a blend of 50% 23 micron nsw merino, 25% linen, and 25% tussah silk. (Pictured above.) It has repeating small sections of teal, green, purple, and grey. I'm not sure how I'm going to divide the colours up, but I do think it'll be gorgeous. 

Also in the works, I have a beautiful giant nsw Polwarth batt (pictured in the first image of this post) from Akara Yarns in the colourway Bird Book. Akara Yarns is an Ontario-based dyer with a gorgeous eye for colour. This will be my first time spinning with a carded prep and I'm very excited to see what kind of yarn I can create with it.  

My Tour de Fleece 2021 Goals, so far:

  • Get to know my new wheel
  • Spin up my batt from Akara Yarns into a lofty woollen spun 2ply
  • Spin Enchanted Forest on Merino/Linen/Silk into a worsted spun sport weight 3ply
  • Document it all to share with you!

I have set aside today for research and sampling, before getting truly settled in and ready to spin up some skeins.

 Are you participating in Tour de Fleece this year?